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3x5 Buy Slight 2nd & $ave -Premium Golf Practice Mat Country Club Elite Mats

3x5 Buy Slight 2nd & $ave -Premium Golf Practice Mat Country Club Elite Mats
3x5 Buy Slight 2nd & $ave -Premium Golf Practice Mat Country Club Elite Mats
3x5 Buy Slight 2nd & $ave -Premium Golf Practice Mat Country Club Elite Mats
3x5 Buy Slight 2nd & $ave -Premium Golf Practice Mat Country Club Elite Mats
3x5 Buy Slight 2nd & $ave -Premium Golf Practice Mat Country Club Elite Mats
3x5 Buy Slight 2nd & $ave -Premium Golf Practice Mat Country Club Elite Mats
3x5 Buy Slight 2nd & $ave -Premium Golf Practice Mat Country Club Elite Mats
3x5 Buy Slight 2nd & $ave -Premium Golf Practice Mat Country Club Elite Mats
3x5 Buy Slight 2nd & $ave -Premium Golf Practice Mat Country Club Elite Mats
3x5 Buy Slight 2nd & $ave -Premium Golf Practice Mat Country Club Elite Mats
3x5 Buy Slight 2nd & $ave -Premium Golf Practice Mat Country Club Elite Mats
3x5 Buy Slight 2nd & $ave -Premium Golf Practice Mat Country Club Elite Mats

3x5 Buy Slight 2nd & $ave -Premium Golf Practice Mat Country Club Elite Mats
This mat has some cosmetic streaky and slightly uneven tuft rows which is a cosmetic blemish - but does not affect the durability or play-ability of the mat. Finally, A Golf Mat that Lets You Swing'Down-and-Through' with True Divot Action For Realistic Practice - And It Even Takes A Real Tee! You've probably seen a lot of the garbage (literally) that the big retail golf stores are trying to pass off as golf mats. Some of these companies actually use the scrap from football fields or discontinued artificial turf products - chop them down into small mats - put them in glossy 4-color boxes - and try to pass them off as golf mats.

Most golf mats use a rubber tee of a predetermined height forcing you to adjust to it. New Country Club Elite® Real Feel Golf Mats® Long-Dense-Fiber-System accepts. Allowing you to choose and vary your tee height for various clubs.

Rubber tees can obstruct your club-head at the point of impact giving you a different feel than you get off of a real tee. The Long Dense Fiber System can even hold a real wooden tee! In addition, if you ever hit irons off of a Driving Range Mat you know that a fat shot will look better off of a typical range mat than it ever will on the fairway.

This is because the club will bounce and slide across the top of most mats giving false results - especially to fat shots. This is commonly referred to as the "drop-kick" effect problem that most mats have. Has been manufacturing high-end commercial golf range mats for over 15 1/2 years utilizing our patented fiber blends and tufting technology. We started with our original Flip-It® Mats using unique fiber blends including heavy mono-filament (at that time US Patent # US6106921 A). Eventually, we developed "our baby". The Country Club Elite® - I was proud to introduce Country Club Elite® Real Feel Golf Mats® at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL in the New Product Pavilion where it was overwhelming received as the first golf mat. That can take a real tee. The first mat to take a real tee.

"Easier On Golfers Wrists and Elbows". Jay, I want to thank you for making these mats available. Both of these injuries were a direct result of using a very poor quality and easily available mat for practicing during our snowy winter months. I easily hit 100 balls a day in my garage and won't follow my own advice and rest. Thanks to your mat I can continue to practice.

Within one week my wrist was well and my elbow was almost non-existent and improving daily. Besides the obvious health benefits. I find that your mat truly functions as you advertised.

It performs like a fairway in feel and lets you know if you hit it fat, again without my wrist and arm taking the abuse. An added benefit is that it wears like iron. I wore out my previous mats within weeks yet your mat shows no wear.

Swing Down and Through® - No Bounce®. The Country Club Elite® Long-Dense-Fiber-System solves the.

The Long Dense Fiber System approximates the feel of a lush fairway. If you hit down on the ball properly the club passes freely "down and through" the ball.

However you will feel the difference on a fat shot because if you go to deep the long fiber system will slow the club head down as if you've taken a deep divot or "chunked" a shot. Because the fibers are so long and dense they absorb and dissipate the blow for. At the point of impact AND. ELIMINATES THE PROBLEMATIC "BOUNCE" OF MOST MATS.

Country Club Elite's® Long Dense Fiber System is specifically designed to absorb the blow of a golf-shot as true fairway would providing the most realistic feel that a synthetic surface can. With a typical golf mats the club would "bounce" on the mat for an unnatural feel and false results. Country Club Elite® Real Feel is made from unique "spring-set" grass like fibers that move, absorb, and dissipate the downward blow of a golf-shot simulating the feel of taking a divot. Since the Fiber system is so long Real Feel actually lets you " hit down on the ball" so you can. Practice proper impact which dictates the quality of a golf shot - Better practice means better results.

Country Club Elite® Real Feel gives you a true feel so that you know if you have struck the ball fat, thin, or just right. This is a brand new and revolutionary design for a golf mat developed by J. Made in America from the finest components. The unique Long Dense Fiber System incorporates spring-set heavy denier mono-filament grass fibers packed in so tightly that it can even hold a real wooden tee.

The Long Dense Fiber is tufted over an inch high and bonded to 5/8? Thick polyethylene foam using a specially engineered urethane stabilizing layer.

The foam is designed to for added dimensional stability (As opposed to just using the turf itself). The secret of Country Club Elite® is the combination of these three components resulting in the best golf mat available anywhere. When CCE Real Feel is struck during a golf-shot the fibers will absorb and dissipate the blow as if taking a divot.

However, if you hit a "fat" shot the fibers will duplicate the resistance you would feel "chunking" some real sod. Improve your golf swing in your own back yard with your own Country Club Elite® Mat. Finally a golf practice mat that lets you "Hit-Down on the golf ball" for a true feel and realistic practice. Help reduce your risk of golf range practice mat injury with Country Club Elite® Real Feel's forgiving Long Fiber System. Country Club Elite® Real Feel is built to withstand the punishment of repeated use even by wedges thanks to it's 100% spring crimped heavy denier nylon fibers with added UV stabilizers and better abrasion resistance. Lower your score and become a more consistent player by practicing more in your own back yard, garage, shed, or basement. For less than a brand new driver do you really need one? You could have a commercial grade revolutionary CC Elite golf mat that will provide you a tool to help improve your swing. I recognize the fact that this size may be larger than necessary for home use, so I'm making some special sizes that are only available from this web site. New Consumer Sizes (same great product): 3' x 4', 3' x 5', 4' x 4', and 4' x 5. More importantly you will practice more since you will be able to hit balls in your own back yard (without taking divots), garage, shed, or basement. I don't have the exact number, but I know I hit a few hundred balls a week more than I ever have and it is starting to show on the course. As a matter of fact, I had my first hole-in-one this year and I'm generally hitting a lot more "golf-shots". I still need to put it all together, but I'm getting there.

The Best Golf Mat Guarantee! You have absolutely nothing to lose but strokes off your handicap. "Country Club Elite® Mats Solve the'Bounce Problem' Other Range Mats Have". I wanted to let you know that I truly believe your new Country Club Elite® Golf Mat is the best artificial surface on the market.

This spring we installed 24 of your mats to create a tee line for outings and grass tee relief as needed. The product still looks like new and our members love it. It really does eliminate the problems common with most mats - there is no bounce and the feel really is REAL. I was concerned about forcing members to hit off of mats since we have always had a natural grass practice range. But the response has been sooo good that some of my membership would prefer to hit off of the mats even when they don't have too.

Please feel free to use me as a reference, I have already recommended you and your product to a number of clubs. Thanks again for a great product. PGA President Jack Connelly Head professional at Huntingdon Valley CC, PA. The Country Club Elite® "Real Feel" Golf Mat® was Introduced at the 2006 PGA show in Orlando and we haven't looked back since.

The Country Club Elite® Golf Mat is Used by top teaching professionals, Driving Ranges, Golf Courses, and Country Clubs World Wide. Here's what our customers have to say. Can't imagine a better golf mat" - Mike Bender - Top 5 "The Best Investment. Ever made in golf Doug Joels - Proud Father of Top College.

Wouldn't Use anything else Brian Manzella - Top 100. 14 years in the golf business and this mat is the best. Have seen and hit off of. Jerrod Funk, A David Ledbetter Certified Instructor. This item is in the category "Sporting Goods\Golf\Golf Training Aids\Nets, Cages & Mats".

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  • Model: Country Club Elite® 3 x 5 HL
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Item Height: 1.75 inches thick
  • Sport/Activity: Golf
  • Type: Mat
  • MPN: Country Club Elite® 3x5 HL
  • Accessory Type: Golf Mats
  • Training Aid Type: Premium Commercial Golf Mat
  • Size: 3' x 5' Real Feel™ Golf Mat
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Brand: Country Club Elite® Golf Mats
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year
  • Sporting Good Type: Golf Training Aid Equipment

3x5 Buy Slight 2nd & $ave -Premium Golf Practice Mat Country Club Elite Mats